Office of Students Affairs: Vice President Walter Thompson Cox Records

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Clemson University. Office of Student Affairs.
Office of Students Affairs: Vice President Walter Thompson Cox Records
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This series contains records from the office of Walter Thompson Cox, Vice President of Student Affairs at Clemson University 1955-1985.

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Biographical Note

Walter Thompson Cox was born on September 19, 1918 in Belton, South Carolina, the son of Walter T. and Grace Campbell Cox. He entered Clemson College in the fall of 1935, graduating with a degree in General Science in 1939. Returning in 1940 during a year of post graduate study, Cox anchored the offensive line while playing for the football team. The season was a success, as Clemson defeated Boston College 6-3 in the Cotton Bowl. It was the Tigers' first post-season appearance.

After serving in the United States Army during the years 1942-1943, Cox returned to Clemson. During the 1940s he served in a variety of athletic positions including assistant football coach, ticket manager, baseball coach, and IPTAY promoter. In 1951, he assumed dual responsibilities as Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs as well as assistant to President Robert F. Poole. In 1955 Cox was named Dean of Students (later Vice President for Student Affairs), a position at which he served until 1985. At the request of the Board of Trustees, he left the student affairs post in July 1985 to become Clemson's tenth president. He was the third Clemson graduate to assume the school's presidency, serving until Max Lennon took the position in March 1986. Cox officially retired in 1987, though he continued to be involved in development activities on behalf of Clemson University until his death in 2006.

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Administrative History, Office of Student Affairs

After World War II, attendance at Clemson began to steadily decline. It became clear that in order for the institution to remain viable and effective, changes in Clemson's administrative structure were needed. In 1954, the New York consulting firm known as Cresap, McCormick, and Paget were brought in to conduct a comprehensive and objective study of Clemson's policies, procedures, and governance. In their five-volume report published in 1955, it was suggested that Clemson's administrative structure should be reorganized, four-year compulsory military service be should be dropped, and women should be admitted. It was as part of the administrative reorganization that the Office of Student Affairs was formed. Walter Thompson Cox was named the first Dean of Students (later Vice President for Student Affairs), a position at which he remained for 30 years.

Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Affairs
1955-1985 Walter T. Cox
1985-1992 Manning N. Lomax
1992-2006 Almeda Jacks
2006- Gail Disabatino

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Scope and Content Note

These records are from the office of Walter Thompson Cox, Vice President for Student Affairs at Clemson University 1955-1985. They contain a variety of records which have been arranged according to the following subjects: athletics, buildings/land use at Clemson University, correspondence, daybooks, legal, nominations, remarks, reports, student affairs, ticket office returns, and photographs. It must be noted that many of these files were transferred from the offices of Enoch Walter Sikes and Robert Franklin Poole. Several files, specifically legal, continue into Cox's time as President of Clemson University. The records span the time period 1929-1986.

The athletics related records include minutes and financial statements from the Athletics Council; bowl game miscellanea, including ticket stubs; contract information regarding football coaches Josh Cody and Danny Ford; correspondence to Enoch Walter Sikes, Robert Franklin Poole, Robert Cook Edwards, and R. W. (Bobby) Robinson which reflect fan and alumni thoughts and concerns about the athletics program; general correspondence files include items related to television and broadcasting agreements as well as the annual Clemson vs. South Carolina football game which was held at the Fairgrounds in Columbia, SC; material related to the NCAA investigation of the football program in the early 1980s; and records concerning the Southern Conference circa 1930-1953.

Of note in the buildings/land use subject files are reports regarding finance of general construction projects at Clemson circa 1935-1955, as well as additions to Memorial Stadium from the 1950s through the early 1980s.

Correspondence and daybooks covering the years 1954-1986 follow day-to-day events during Walter Thompson Cox's time as Dean of Students while at Clemson University.

There are several files concerning legal issues. Access to the material has been restricted because it involves Clemson personnel and students. For more information regarding these files, researchers should see the detailed description in the finding aid.

The reports files include annual reports to the president from the Office of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs at Clemson, as well as a report from the State Board of Health of South Carolina which provides insight regarding facilities ratings and operations at Clemson College circa 1930.

Walter Thompson Cox was for a time a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which is an accreditation committee. Several reports from this group have been filed within this collection. They reflect everyday operations of several area institutes in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

A set of files dedicated to student affairs at Clemson offers insight into various issues regarding student life at the institution from the 1930s through the early 1980s including fraternities, student parking, and protest actions.

Files from the ticket office at Clemson reflect distribution of tickets to South Carolina political figures, 1962-1975; financial statements from the concert series at Clemson, 1940-1955); and football game returns, 1957-1982.

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All files are arranged in alphabetical order according to subject heading.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Clemson University Libraries Special Collections 2010 July 31

Restrictions on Use

Access to certain files is restricted. Restricted are those files dealing with students and personnel. The restrictions are provided for in the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, S.C. Code Ann. §30-4-40 (a) (2) and §30-4-40 (a) (4).


This series was accessioned as 98-8. The material was donated to Special Collections on February 6, 1998 by Walter T. Cox.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Carl Redd, Project Archivist in the fall of 2006 and spring of 2007.

The conversion of this finding aid to Encoded Archival Description format was made possible with a grant from the South Carolina State Historical Records Advisory Board in 2009-2010. The finding aid was prepared for encoding by Carl Redd.

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Related Materials

Related Material

Series 35 Walter T. Cox-Presidential Records, 1970-1989

Series 37 Student Affairs, Office of (subject file)

Series 38 Walter Cox (biographical file)

Series 100 Clemson University Photographs (Walter Cox)

Separated Material

Removed to Artifacts:

  1. Hard-cover notebook depicting Clemson University buildings: Tillman Hall, Long Hall, Riggs Hall, and Clemson House
  2. Office desk name-plate: "Dean Cox"
  3. Printing plate: "Clemson A&M College" ring

The photographs from this collection have been moved to Series 100-Clemson University Photographs. Photocopies are in Box 7.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Clemson University. Office of the President.
  • Clemson University. -- Administration
  • Clemson University. -- Appropriations and expenditures
  • Clemson University. -- Buildings
  • Clemson University. -- History
  • Clemson University. -- Presidents
  • Clemson University. -- Sports

Personal Name(s)

  • Barker, James F.
  • Cody, Josh, 1892-1961
  • Curris, Constantine, 1940-
  • Rogers, Steffen H.


  • Universities and colleges--Planning.

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Collection Inventory


Box Folder

Athletic Council/Committee 1930-1932 1935 1940 

1 1

Bowl Games-Cotton Bowl 1940 

1 2

Bowl Games-Mirage Bowl 1982 

1 3

Bowl Games-Orange Bowl 1951-1982 

1 4

Bowl Games-Sugar Bowl 1958-1959 

1 5

Contracts-Josh Cody 1929-1930 

1 6

Contracts-Danny Ford 1985 

1 7

Correspondence-Complaints to Edwards, Robert C. 1958-1963 

Scope and Contents note

(includes Western Union Telegrams regarding game following Kennedy Assassination)

1 8

Correspondence-Complaints to Poole, Robert F. 1949-1951 1954 

1 9

Correspondence-Complaints to Robinson, Bobby 1985-1986 

Scope and Contents note

(regarding Danny Ford-Maryland incident and IPTAY meeting comments)

1 10

Correspondence-Complaints to Sikes, E.W. 1931 1933 

1 11

Correspondence-Clemson vs. South Carolina Football Game 1936 1944-1958 

1 12

Correspondence-Radio and Television Broadcasting Agreements 1933 1950-1953 1956 

1 13

Correspondence-Sikes, E.W. and Furman President Bennette E. Geer 1935-1937 

1 14

Investigations-NCAA Football Recruiting Violations-Clemson Appeal of ACC Sanctions, (Restricted) 1985 

1 15

Investigations-NCAA Recruiting Violations-Correspondence, (Restricted) 1980-1982 

1 16

Investigations-NCAA Football Recruiting Violations-Jordan, Homer, (Restricted) 1982 

1 17

IPTAY 1937 1950 1955 1983 (?) 

1 18

Southern Conference 1930-1933 1935-1936 

1 19

Southern Conference 1950 1951 1953 

1 20

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Buildings and Land Use (Clemson University) 

Box Folder

Architectural Firms 1956 

2 1

Clemson College Construction 1935-1955 

2 2

Clemson College Incorporated no date 

2 3

Clemson Senior Center 1984 

2 4

Earle Hall Groundbreaking 1958 

2 5

Memorial Stadium Construction Projects 1956-1958 1977 1982 

2 6

Memorial Stadium Dedication (Frank Howard Field) 1974 

2 7

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Box Folder


2 8


2 9


2 10


2 11


2 12

(Cox III Judgeship) 1977-1979 1980 

2 13

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Box Folder


2 14


2 15


2 16


2 17


3 1


3 2


3 3


3 4


3 5


3 6


3 7


4 1


4 2


4 3


4 4


4 5


4 6

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Box Folder

Atchley, Bill and McClellan, H.H. (Bill) Settlement Controversy (Restricted) 1985-1986 

5 1

Barnette, Melvin Interview Transcript (Restricted) 1985 

Scope and Contents note

(regarding investigation and aftermath of Stijn Jaspers' death)

5 2

Barnette, Melvin Termination and Grievance (Restricted) 1985 

5 3

Beach, Joey Edward, et al vs. Atlantic Coast Conference (800 SAT Rule) (Restricted) 1971-1972 

5 4

IPTAY Financial Involvement in Purchase of Danny Ford Home, (Restricted) 1982-1983 

5 5

Parker, Jimmy Dale (Red) Financial Agreement with Clemson University, (Restricted) 1984 

5 6

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Box Folder

Sports Illustrated Silver Anniversary All-American Award, Presidency of Clemson University, Scott Goodnight Award 1964 1978 and 1985 1984 

5 7

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Box Folder

Speeches/Talks 1958-1959, no date 

5 8

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Box Folder

Annual Reports to the President-Office of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs 1948-1956 

5 9

Board of Trustees Actions and Reports 1955-1957 

5 10

Clemson Self Study Commission 1961 

5 11

Committee of Nine Report 1951 

5 12

General Appropriations Act-Study of State Executive Pay 1978 and 1983 

5 13

Informational Report-Dean of the University (Clemson) and Vice President for Student Affairs 1967 

5 14

State Board of Health Inspection-Clemson College 1930 

5 15

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Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 

Box Folder

General 1972, no date 

5 16

Report of Visiting Committee-Albany State College 1968 

5 17

Report of Visiting Committee-Appalachian State Teachers College 1962 

5 18

Report of Visiting Committee-Clemson University 1971 

5 19

Report of Visiting Committee-Davidson College 1974 

5 20

Report of Visiting Committee-East Tennessee State 1972 

5 21

Report of Visiting Committee-Eastern Kentucky no date 

5 22

Report of Visiting Committee-Grambling 1970 

5 23

Report of Visiting Committee-Hampton Institute 1967 

5 24

Report of Visiting Committee-Peabody College no date 

5 25

Report of Visiting Committee-Saint Mary's University no date 

5 26

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Student Affairs 

Box Folder

Assembly of Student Representatives-Clemson 1950-1954 

6 1

Discipline 1968-1970 

Scope and Contents note

(articles concerning how various universities handled protest era)

6 2

Fraternities-Clemson 1930-1959 

6 3

Minorities-Clemson 1982, no date 

6 4

Senior Council-Clemson 1949-1953, no date 

6 5

Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees-Clemson 1983 

6 6

Student Council Honors System-Clemson 1941-1942 

6 7

Student Life-Clemson 1930-1940 

5 8

Student Life-Clemson 1941-1949 

6 9

Student Protest-Clemson 1969-1970 

6 10

Vietnam War Moratorium-Clemson 1969 

6 11

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Ticket Office-Clemson College/University 

Box Folder

Distribution to Political Figures I 1962-1966 

6 12

Distribution to Political Figures II 1968-1975 

6 13

Concert Series 1940-1955 

6 14

Football 1957-1965 

7 1

Football 1966-1982 

7 2

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Box Folder

Photographs   photocopies-originals in Series 100

7 3

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Restricted Materials Box 


Athletics, folders 15-17 


Legal, folders 1-6 


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