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  CUSG and Campus Carriers
CUSG and Campus Carriers.
  Clemson Undergraduate Student Government offers students moving and storage solutions for the summer
Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) has worked to bring Campus Carriers, a moving and summer storage provider, to the Clemson community. This service focuses on making the move-out process and summer storage both hassle-free and affordable.

CUSG’s experience with Campus Carriers has been one that upholds the reputation students and parents would expect from Clemson University. With the end of spring semester quickly approaching, we encourage you to learn more Campus Carriers by visiting campuscarriers.com or by calling 866-606-8504.

Getting Ahead in the Summer.
Getting Ahead in the Summer.
Get Ahead: Make the Smart Choice in Summer 2014

Summer study is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the academic options at Clemson. Students can delve into a course they’ve wanted to explore but didn’t have time to take, put energy into a difficult course while enduring a lighter course load; or get ahead for graduation.

Some courses available in the summer include exploring ecology in the SC Coastal Plains, social media analysis and writing for the arts. To register for summer classes, review summer tuition, fees and housing options or search summer classes offered visit clemson.edu/summer/summer-school.

VP Gail Video
VP Gail Video.

Who is VP Gail?

You may have seen her name on emails, but do you actually know what Vice President Gail DiSabatino does at Clemson? From the new campus Starbucks® to Fike Recreation Center to the Center for Career and Professional Development, VP Gail is everywhere! Here’s a quick video she and a few students made over winter break to show the numerous roles VP Gail plays all over campus.

CU Safe Alerts.
CU Safe Alerts.

CU Safe Alerts

If you have not already done so we encourage you to work with your student to add your mobile number to receive emergency text notices. CU Safe Alerts will inform you and your student of emergencies or disruptions to campus service, such as class cancellations. CU Safe Alerts are sent to all @clemson.edu email address, but they can also be sent as a text message to your cell phone.

To sign-up
Make sure your student is signed up first. If they aren't, have them visit: clemson.edu/cusafety/warnings.html.
2. Once they are signed up, the student will add your number to their account.
3. Under ‘My Accounts’ click ‘Add’ in the Mobile Contacts section and add the mobile phone numbers desired, one number at a time. You are automatically added, you can click the ‘test’ button to receive a test text message.

2013 Parents' Calendar
Stay Connected to Campus Events.

Upcoming Events

For upcoming events and information, please visit the Clemson University calendar or the academic calendar.

Reminder: The Second Annual Student Affairs Sunset Soiree is coming up April 25! Join us for a night of fun, delicious food and exciting entertainment as we thank our Student Affairs supporters. Please visit the Soiree website at: clemson.edu/sunsetsoiree to RSVP, purchase tickets and learn more.

Spring Commencement is Friday, May 9, 2014, at Littlejohn Coliseum. For more parent information related to graduation and graduation times, please visit: www.registrar.clemson.edu/html/parentInfo.htm.

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