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Help your student become a professional.
  On-Campus Student Employment and Leadership Opportunities
Students have opportunities to earn money on campus while also gaining valuable leadership skills and résumé-building experience. Many applications for jobs next spring, summer and fall are open now. The Center for Career and Professional Development hosts ClemsonJobLink, a database of on- and off-campus employment opportunities. Encourage your student to look for these opportunities that will engage them outside of the classroom and enhance their Clemson Experience!

Clemson is now accepting applications for summer 2014 Orientation Ambassadors and next year’s Resident Assistants. For each position, students will have the opportunity to lead and serve fellow students, whether during the summer or throughout the school year. Fike Recreation Center is also accepting applications for ongoing positions as intramural referees, club sport managers, facility operators, lifeguards and more!

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Keep campus safety information in one place.
Think Ahead with the Be Safe App

Encourage your student to download the Be Safe shortcut app to their smart phones. Be Safe provides quick access to resources and info on safe rides, alcohol poisoning, sexual victimization, suicide prevention and reporting student concern. It is a must-have for all Clemson students. Instructions on how to make this website a mobile app can be found on the Think Ahead website. Think Ahead provides information to students that encourages them to be proactive about their personal health and the health of other students.

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Go online to book advising appointments.

Course Registration

It may seem like you just said goodbye to your student for the fall semester, but believe it or not, spring registration is right around the corner! Students may begin thinking about which classes fit into their academic plan at Clemson. Academic advisers are key to helping students register for classes. Students will visit their adviser to gain an advising number, which gives them access to the course registration system. Advising appointments fill up quickly, so encourage your student to make their appointment sooner rather than later!

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See who our new Clemson leaders could be.

Presidential and Dean of Students Search

Clemson University is preparing for an exciting change in our leadership. You can see updates on the Clemson Presidential Search here. The Dean of Students search is coming close to the end. Clemson’s Division of Student Affairs invited four candidates to campus to meet with administration, faculty, staff and many students. To view the candidate pool and the variety of experience each candidate might bring, visit the Dean of Students Search website.

2012 Parents' Calendar
Upcoming Events

For upcoming events and information, please visit the Clemson University calendar or the academic calendar.

Parents and families are invited to the Parents’ Council Family Tailgate Homecoming weekend from 11 a.m.–2:30 p.m. in the McFadden Parking Lot near the Clemson Rowing sign. Look for the Parents’ Council banner.

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