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Persona: Ze Chen, Clemson Grad Student

Clemson Grad

Ze Chen
Clemson Grad Student

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Chinese
Family Status: In a relationship

Computer Information

Computer(s): PC and Mac
Preferred Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Internet Connection Speed: High-Speed DSL

"Make progress every day!"

About Ze

Ze has classes three days a week. He spends about 15 hours a week in his lab, doing research. Sometimes he travels; he frequently attends conferences in other cities.

Key Attributes

  • Focused, goal-oriented

  • Works hard

  • Aims to graduate within two years and find a job in the computer and Internet industry


College Page

As a Ph.D student, the only reason for Ze to go to CAAH webpage is to find recourses that he needs. He wants to see the following information:

  • Introduction of the college

  • Structured list of departments and degree programs

  • College news

  • Information of the upcoming activities, for example, Art exhibition.

He goes to the "centers and facilities" page often, because he could find lists of services provided. However, he said he still preferred to search such information on the Clemson home page.

Department Page

Since his research area relates to social media, he thinks he may find some professors from the communication studies who are studying social network. So the Faculty information is very important for him. Since he's a Chinese student, he wants to improve his English, so he's mostly interested in what recourses could the department provide him. "Writing Center" under resources is his mostly clicked link. When he tries to find the link, he thinks the left navigation structure is a mess and not structured well.

Program Page

He seldom goes to the program webpage, but generally he thinks that a good webpage should have the following features:

  • Proactively present your information

  • Provide highlight information that you want the audience know

  • Provide a convenient and consistent navigation structure

  • Combine the visual elements and content together: add links to pictures, logos

  • Add social media applications